Battle of the Brains: Street Smarts Vs. Book Smarts 

street smarts vs book smarts

Street smarts vs. book smarts – which side has the most advantage?  The book smarts have their knowledge as their main weapon. They learned everything they have to know in school and excelled in it, too!  Pop quizzes? Final exams? Aptitude tests? Book smarts can ace them all while half-asleep. Street smarts also have a […]

6 Traits of a Shallow Person & How You Can Deal with One

opposite of shallow person

Being in shallow relationships can be difficult, especially when you seek genuine connections. However, since you’re likely to come across shallow people once in a while, it is crucial to know how to spot them and deal with them.  In this blog post, let us explore some of the most common traits of a shallow […]

Fishing for Compliments: Meaning, Signs, and the 6 Genuine Reasons Why People Do It


You’ve probably seen it happen thousands of times… a friend, who just had a haircut, complains about her new hairstyle, even though it looks good. And then, there’s your super-smart classmate, who got high marks in the exams but is worried about maintaining his grade point average! Or maybe you’ve done it yourself. You’ve just […]

10 Ways on How to Spot a Pseudo-Intellectual, and How You Can be a Genuinely Intelligent Person

pseudo intellectual vs intellectual

Have you ever talked to someone who had something to say about everything? Someone who likes to start arguments and insist that they are always right, without considering other people’s perspectives? If so, then you might be dealing with a pseudo-intellectual. What exactly is a pseudo-intellectual? Are there any tell-tale signs or traits? What is […]

16 Sure Signs of a Deep Thinker. Are You One?

deep thinker

Do you sometimes find yourself lost in thought – thinking, analyzing, comparing, or trying to see things from a different perspective? If so, then most likely, you’re a deep thinker. You’re constantly reflecting, naturally curious, and always eager to learn something new. Sometimes, deep thinkers can become so preoccupied with their thoughts that they forget […]