Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset: Your Questions Answered

fixed vs growth mindset

When it comes to matters of the mind, we have a choice.  We could be happy or sad, hopeful or hopeless, and so on. Usually, it all starts with a simple belief and what we tell ourselves to be true.  Our mindsets guide us toward the expectations we hold for life and how we approach […]

How to Have a Productive Day: 18 Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Day

to do list for a productive day

You wake up in the morning and wonder how you will accomplish all that needs to be done. You’ve got a lot on your plate, and you don’t know where to start.  Sound familiar?  While your schedule may be jam-packed, there are some things you can do to start the day ahead of the game. […]

REVEALING The 9 Negative Effects Of Social Media On Creativity 

negatives effects of social media on creativity

You’ve probably heard a lot about social media and mental health, but did you know that there are negative effects of social media on creativity? We tend to forget that social media also has a dark side. Not only do social platforms like Facebook and Twitter suck your time away, but they could also stifle […]

How to Reach Your Peak Performance and Fuel Your Success

peak performance

Being successful in your academics, career, or business takes more than just pure talent or intelligence. To attain your goals and dreams, you must be brave, determined, and most importantly, you must act. You must also ensure that your actions and efforts are worth something and that they truly benefit your endeavor. You must reach […]

The Eisenhower Matrix Pros and Cons, and Everything Else You Need to Know (includes a Printable Template!)

how to use eisenhower matrix

So you’ve been told to use an Eisenhower Matrix to process and organize your tasks, and prioritize your workload. Great! You’re on your way to living a more productive life.  But before delving deep into the tool, there are a few things you need to know about it. (SPOILER ALERT: Some of these things might […]

Fishing for Compliments: Meaning, Signs, and the 6 Genuine Reasons Why People Do It


You’ve probably seen it happen thousands of times… a friend, who just had a haircut, complains about her new hairstyle, even though it looks good. And then, there’s your super-smart classmate, who got high marks in the exams but is worried about maintaining his grade point average! Or maybe you’ve done it yourself. You’ve just […]

10 Ways on How to Spot a Pseudo-Intellectual, and How You Can be a Genuinely Intelligent Person

pseudo intellectual vs intellectual

Have you ever talked to someone who had something to say about everything? Someone who likes to start arguments and insist that they are always right, without considering other people’s perspectives? If so, then you might be dealing with a pseudo-intellectual. What exactly is a pseudo-intellectual? Are there any tell-tale signs or traits? What is […]

What is an Underachiever, and 5 Easy Ways on How to Overcome Being One

What is an Underachiever

Have you ever been told that you’re a smart and talented person — full of potential – yet performing below expectations?  Do you find yourself knowing that you could do more and be more… but you’re not sure where to start?  Consider this: what if you’re just an underachiever who needs that little push to […]

16 Sure Signs of a Deep Thinker. Are You One?

deep thinker

Do you sometimes find yourself lost in thought – thinking, analyzing, comparing, or trying to see things from a different perspective? If so, then most likely, you’re a deep thinker. You’re constantly reflecting, naturally curious, and always eager to learn something new. Sometimes, deep thinkers can become so preoccupied with their thoughts that they forget […]